No more Covid tests for travellers from Samoa to American Samoa


The American Samoa Government has announced that passengers from Samoa will no longer require to conduct Covid tests before travelling to the territory.

The Covid test will be conducted in American Samoa upon arrival. This is referring to the PCR tests that cost $150 tala per person at the Ministry of Health. Lt Governor Talauega Eleasalo Ale confirmed this during a press conference with the local media yesterday.

Adding that passengers however must apply for the Talofa pass in order to get approval to travel to the US territory, this mandate has been in place since American Samoa went into lockdown in 2020.

Passengers from Apia have been complaining of the difficulty they face when applying for a pass from American Samoa’s travel system, the Talofa Pass whereas some passengers who were unable to fulfill the requirements were bumped off the flight.

Effective 13 June 2022 all tests for passengers from Samoa and Hawaii will be conducted upon arrival at Pago Pago International Airport.

Furthermore, the weekly flights according to Talauega between Samoa and American Samoa will increase from 28 to 50.