NUS condemns violence on its premises


National University students have been warned that violence will not be tolerated. This follows a video that surfaced on Facebook of the “violence seen meted by a student on another last Friday was brought to the attention of management on Saturday afternoon.

“By then, it had gone viral. It was important that we remind students that we will not condone violence, hence our position on our FB post,” said Vice Chancellor Aiono Alec Ekeroma.

Aiono told Radio Polynesia, that he was told this morning from the Student Support Services that the two students were reported to them last Friday afternoon.

“And that they were meeting them this morning. Usual policy and the process will follow in dealing with them.”

In a post on the NUS official Facebook page, reminded the NUS will not condone any form of violence on the campuses either by students, staff or visitors.

“The University campuses are places for scholars to study and learn and everyone must feel safe. We have policies and processes to deal with any student, staff or visitor who disrespects and violates the rights of others to a safe environment of learning.

“Anyone witnessing any form of violence are encouraged to report names to Student Support Services and/or Security Staff.”