Tuifa’asisina Dr. Patila Amosa is NUS’s first female appointed Vice Chancellor

The National University of Samoa’s Board and Selection Panels’ recommendation to appoint Associate Professor Tuifa’asisina Patila Amosa as their new Vice-Chancellor and President was unanimously approved by the Cabinet this week.
This was confirmed in a statement released by the Government this evening.
She has been confirmed to be the first female to oversee the NUS.
At the completion of interviews for the four applicants, Tuifa’asisina is described by the panel as the best candidate for the job based on her “holistic overview and in-depth knowledge of NUS” coupled by her managerial skills and experience as evidenced in the “strategic and impressive development of her Faculty and staff over her tenure as Dean, Head of Department and throughout her 30 years of service to NUS as a leading academic, lecturer, researcher, administrator and mentor.”
Also as the staff elected Senate Representative to Council, the Associate Professor is “reliable, people focused, compassionate and consultative.”
“Strategically, Associate Professor Tuifa’asisina Patila Amosa can effectively drive the university’s mission and vision for the next five years,” continued the recommendation.
The appointment is for three years.

She takes over the position was held by Aiono Alec Ekeroma, appointed recently as new Director General of Health