NUS reduce the enrollment fee to $122


Due to many students facing financial hardships, the enrollment fee of $322 at the National University of Samoa has been slashed.

The National University Samoa Management decided to reshuffle the fees and reduce the enrolment fee for 2023 to $122. 

This was confirmed in a statement issued this week.

“The $200 tala for enrolment administrative costs is now added to the Semester 1 tuition fee to be paid later in Week 5 or by partial arrangement up to Week 14. 

Management also decided that there will be one enrolment for the whole year. Hence, the Semester 2 enrolment administration fee will now be added to the Semester 2 tuition fee as the Student ICT use levy. 

The reduced enrolment fee of $122 consists of just the $61 for the Enrolment Package and the $61 for the Student Association Fee. The statement says there is no increase in the overall fees per Semester or per year. 

Any slight increase is due to the taking of Computing courses. As stated in their 2023 Calendar p.437, Computing courses have always been $492, a $100 difference if compared to other University Foundation and Degree courses which cost $392 per course.