Office of the Electoral Commission warns against online scam


The Office of the Electoral Commission has warned against online contents scam using its logo for recruitment activities circulating on social media. 

In a statement issued the OEC says it does not endorse nor has any affiliation with the provider of these contests and that they are working on identifying these individuals or groups responsible and proceed with legal actions once identified. 

The public is advised that this is a type of phishing attack where attackers pretend to. be a legitimate  Office of the Electoral Commission source to scam victims who click on such links. 

The  Office of the Electoral Commission reminds the public to be vigilant with such malicious cyber activities and refrain from clicking and sharing of such scams online. 

In March, the Central Bank of Samoa issued a similar warning, regarding an app game on the social media site Facebook that is using their logo.

“Please be advised that CBS does not endorse or relate to this game app in any way and does not take responsibility for anything that occurs with its usage.

“These activities are not in our mandate.

“Please also be reminded that using the CBS logo and images is illegal and fraudulent and in our view a forgery of electronic Data as per Samoa’s Crimes Act. The use of the CBS logo in this instance plainly deceives potential users of its validity.

“CBS kindly reminds the public to be vigilant and avoid such scams, the public is also reminded to refrain from sharing these scams online.