One Government Grant Scheme $17.7 million approved for disbursing


The Government of Samoa, have approved the distribution of $17.7m under the One Government Grant Scheme, to assist with the effective provision of teaching and learning by all schools. 

The Grant covers all Government, Mission and Private Schools and particularly for Early Childhood, Primary, College and TVET Levels as well as Special Schools. 

A statement issued by the Government indicated that a total of 342 schools will benefit from the OGG Fund in this school calendar year 2022 and the fund also includes assistance to the School of Hope (Samoa Victim Support) as well as the National Council of Early Childhood Education (NCECE).

The Scheme is governed by the OGG Fund Manual and Cabinet Approvals and it’s calculated per child and will be released to each school after the signing of the OGG Fund Agreement.

The Fund is released on the condition that 60 percent is to assist with salaries of all teachers of Mission and Private Schools, while 40 per cent is to assist with the procurement of assets relating to teaching and learning; procurement of student and teacher resources, payment of utilities and other areas as defined in the agreement.