Operation costs leads to high airfares, says Minister


Complaints by Manu’a faipule Alumamalu Ale Filoalii about what he perceives as unfair and unreasonable fares charged by Samoa Airways to Manu’a have received a reaction from the Minister of Public Enterprises. 

Leatinu’u Wayne So’oialo first apologized to Manu’a Rep Alumamalu Ale Filoalii but said that there are many added operational costs to service the Tutuila to Manu’a route and the airline needs to cover those costs otherwise it won’t be able to serve the people there.

According to Talanei reports the Minister said these costs include fuel, staff wages, lease at Tafuna, and landing and takeoff fees.

“It is not possible for the airline to carry out services that will bankrupt the airline,” he said.

He told Talanei that if the airline knows that any service it renders will cause debts, then he believes it should not carry out such a service.

 “I believe this is the same with all airlines around the world,” he said. Leatinu’u also indicated there was a chance for discussion about a joint venture between Samoa Airways and American Samoa, in the future.

“This may be included in the “ATOA SAMOA” talks in October,” he said.