Overall expenditure during the September quarter amounted to $201.1 million


The overall expenditures for the Central Budgetary Government during the September 2022 quarter amounted to $201.1 million.

It went up by $81.6 million (or 68.2 percent) compared to September 2021. 

Operating expenses recorded for September 2022 quarter was at $159.4 million while net acquisition of non-financial assets amounted to $41.8 million. 

Comparing the current quarter to the same period in the prior fiscal year 2021–2022, total spending increased by $44.4 million (38.6%).

Operating expenses in September 2022 amounted to $159.4 million increasing by 38.6 percent (or $44.4 million) compared to the September 2021 quarter. Of this amount, 39.8 percent were for Compensation of employees, 23.6 percent were government grants to public corporations, 26.9 percent for use of goods and services and 4.8 percent to social benefits. 

The remaining 4.9 percent was on subsidies, other Expense and Interest. 

Total commitments by the Central Budgetary Government during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022/23 went up due to the increase in the use of goods and services by $19.3 million (or 81.7 percent); grants to other government units also went up by $13.5 million (or 55.7 percent) during this quarter. Social security benefits paid out also increased by $3.8 million (or 102.0 percent) when compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year