PacifiCast presents Motherland Samoa a cultural music festival

In celebrating of Pacific heritage and reconnecting communities to the homeland of Samoa, PacifiCast presents Motherland Samoa a cultural music festival.
The concert will be held at Apia Park and will feature a line-up of Pacific artists from around the world, led by the godfather of Pacific music, Fiji; international star J Boog and a strong contingent from both Australia and New Zealand, including HP Boyz, Lisi, Savage, DJ Noiz, Kennyon Brown, Tomorrow People and Wayno.
Motherland Samoa will be a full immersive experience and celebration. The festival will showcase and celebrate heritage. It will be an unforgettable cultural experience. Motherland Samoa provides the audience with the opportunity to reconnect with their cultural roots and return to their motherland.
Connecting through the universal language of music, the festival provides the platform for internationally recognised artists alongside emerging Pacific artists. The line up also includes local Samoan artists including Mautoatasi & Matalena, Zipso and the Pacific Love Band. Wanting to provide Samoa with a festival of international standard, it was intentional to select artists from across the globe, to firstly provide the best line up and to also provide the opportunity for the artists to reconnect with Samoa. Each of the artists jumped at this chance to return home.
“I am so excited to come home and perform for my people. I am a proud Samoan but more importantly
I am a proud Pasifika man and this festival will unite us.” Said Wayno.
PacifiCast founder Julius Tuigamala said “This festival was built from the heart to serve both our Pasifika community and our extremely talented artists. After a successful world cup campaign with Toa Samoa and Mate Ma’a Tonga Rugby League teams it was important for PacifiCast to now support our musicians and deliver a world class music event.
Our team is comprised of experienced organisers, cultural advocates, and industry professionals who are dedicated to creating an unforgettable
experience for our attendees. I believe our festival is the solution that Pacific Islanders have been waiting for, and we’re excited to share it with the world.”
Pacific people are facing issues of identity and for many, they are at risk of losing their language, traditions, and cultural practices. This loss of identity can have a profound impact on mental health and well-being. PacifiCast recognise this and was key motivation to create the Motherland Festivals, to ensure that future generations can connect with their roots and maintain a sense of identity and belonging.
Motherland has the potential to reach millions of people worldwide, creating a global community that celebrates and preserves Pacific cultural heritage and encourages them to commute home.
A unique feature of Motherland is their ticketing model, which gives back to the community by providing all GA tickets for free. VIP Pass and VVIP Pass ticket packages are also available and through the innovation of Humbl a unique NFT ticketing experience will be introduced, promising prizes, discounts, and giveaways.
In addition to the tickets, on offer is a range of merchandise, including t- shirts, hats, and other items that celebrate the festival.
Motherland is presented by PacifiCast who strive to elevate and celebrate Pacific culture and talent, and to showcase the Pacific region to the world.
They focus on celebrating and preserving cultural heritage and achieve this through promoting sports, music and cultural events that highlight the unique talents of Pasifika people. Motherland is their latest endeavour, starting with Motherland Samoa, the Motherland Festivals will then tour the Pacific Islands with unique line-ups tailored to the hosting nations.
The major partners for Motherland Samoa are Samoa Tourism Authority, Taumeasina Island Resort, Vodafone Samoa and Humbl with a list of more to be announced shortly.
PacifiCast hope that Motherland will be the occasion, the reason, the anchor for Pacific people around the world to book their trip back home to the Pacific Islands.
For a selection of tracks from the featured artists, listen to the music here on the Motherland Spotify playlist
For the ticketing and event information go to:
Motherland Samoa Full Line up:
Fiji, J Boog, HP Boyz, Lisi, Savage, DJ Noiz, Kennyon Brown, Tomorrow People, Bina Butta, Wayno, Lani Alo, DJ Tikelz, DJ 651, Donell Lewis, Mautaotasi & Matalenaa, Pacific Love Band, Rellek Brown, Tree, Zipso, DJ Kayoz, DJ Wreckah. Hosted by Dr Tua.
Issued for PacifiCast
About PacifiCast The mission of PacifiCast, is to elevate and celebrate Pacific Islander culture and talent, and to showcase the beauty and richness of the Pacific region to the world.
They do this by promoting sports, music and cultural events that highlight the unique talents of Pasifika people. PacifiCast is a cultural agency, who are also committed to working with governments and communities to tackle regional challenges in areas such as education, health, finance, and technology. Through innovative solutions, they aim to create positive change and improve the lives of people in the Pacific and for our diasporas.
PacifiCast believes that by sharing Pacific cultural heritage with the world, this can foster greater understanding and appreciation of the Pacific Islander community, and promote unity and harmony across diverse cultures. PacifiCast are dedicated to empowering Pasifika people and contributing to a brighter future for our region.