Palolo is predicted to emerge this year on the 6/7th Oct; 5/6 Nov


The annual rising of the Palolo worm (Eunice viridis) is a well known Samoan delicacy which harvested twice a year and it only emerges in the months of October and November.

The emergence of the palolo is very interesting, given that it correlates exactly with the particular moon phase and the tide. The much accepted and scientifically proven prediction is the use of the moon phase where palolo emerges when the third quarter moon appears (7 days after full moon) in the months of October and November.

Palolo is predicted to emerge this year on the 6 th and 7th October and 5 th and 6th November 2023. This is due to the 3rd quarter of the moon occurs during this period.

The moon phase coincides with high tides between midnight with low tides at daybreak and according to the tide tables the low tides are around 0700hrs, such conditions are suitable for palolo rising. For the general public who are planning to experience or catch the palolo, get your buckets and scoops ready and drive down to these most accessible sites on the early morning of the predicted dates.

The sites are; Tuialamu (Lalomanu), Falealili, Matautu Lefaga, Salamumu, Falelatai in Upolu, and Safotu, Fagasa, Asau, Sataua, Papa, Puleia, Satupaitea in Savaii. Other sites that are not stated in the list can be accessed using boats and are known to the local communities.