Pathologist from Fiji almost done with autopsies of bodies at morgue, says Police


Six out of eight bodies have undergone autopsies in the past week.

This was confirmed by Deputy Police Commissioner, Auapaau Logoitino Filipo in response to questions from Radio Polynesia.

He said a pathologist was contracted from Fiji to assist with the backlog of bodies requiring autopsies, some from last year.

“To date two more bodies are at the morgue for their autopsies scheduled this week. But all six have been released to their families including the pregnant who died last year December.”

Last month, a woman made a public plea to release the body of her pregnant daughter who allegedly died at the hands of her husband last December. 

Makerita Lefao told Radio Polynesia, they have been patient but where does the line draw.

“It is not our fault there is no forensic pathologist on Island to conduct the autopsy ordered by the Coroner, her body is deteriorating and I cannot sit idle when that is happening.”

The pregnant woman was allegedly stabbed by her husband Edward Ulberg of Vailoa Faleata who pleaded not guilty to the charges of assault and murder. He is currently behind bars at the Tanumalala Prison.

Mrs Lefao told Radio Polynesia, that their family has been to the Ministry of Police and Prison for assistance on many occasions pleading to release her daughter’s body for burial.