Peseta calls for Gov to counter the high cost of living


Member of Parliament, Peseta Vaifo Tevaga has queried the Government’s actions to counter the high cost of living in the Country. 

“My question to the current Cabinet, what are they doing; we have all seen what is happening around the world and a recent announcement by the Air New Zealand an increase by 20 percent the cost of airfares. 

And considering the prices of goods, its increased, the Government should act accordingly,” said Peseta in Parliament this week. 

He then suggested to the FAST Government to consider the former Government’s development projects. 

“And looking at local businesses they are suffering as a result of the bad economy, there are a small number of businesses that are making ends meet.”

He emphasized that the private sector relies on the Government and vice versa. 

“However if the Government cannot provide employment opportunities, the high cost of living will continue to impact the economy and in turn affect the businesses.

“And that is why I am urging the Government to reconsider their decision-making; in terms of reviving projects initiated by the previous Government,” said Peseta. 

Adding that the previous development plans will offer employment opportunities and even if the economy is struggling the people are gainfully employed.

The former Associate Minister then called the Government to consider increasing the salaries of public servants to be in line with the high cost of living. 

He again asked the Government to consider bringing the Samoa Airways Aircraft, which the lease was signed by the previous Administration as this will assist the Samoans with cheaper airfares to travel. 

Radio Polynesia points out the FAST Government is currently taken legal action to cancel the lease and last report was that the aircraft was in Australia. 

Peseta then further suggested if the Government does not want this aircraft they should consider leasing a different aircraft. 

Cabinet Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Laauli Leuatea Schmidt took the floor and said it appears Peseta is blaming their Administration for the increase in airfares as announced by Air New Zealand. 

“The increase on the cost of fuel is out of our control, which led to the increase by 20 percent the cost of airfares, and we cannot do anything about it,” said Laauli. 

Regarding the Samoa Airways aircraft, the relevant Minister will explain why their Cabinet opted not to bring the plane.

Laauli then cited the 20% decrease in water and electricity bills to assist families with the increase cost of living, $5million tala to the Tourism sector affected by the pandemic.

In addition to that a $10 million has been allocated to for businesses to apply for this assistance and $1million tala will be distributed to the respective Districts in three weeks time,” said Laauli. 

“That is what the Government has done to assist the Country.”