Plans for TalofaPass help desk agents to travel to Apia cancelled


The plan to send TalofaPass Help Desk agents to Samoa to help travelers comply with the requirements of the system did not materialize.

93KHJ reported that Medicaid Director Sandra King-Young said the plan was stood down because all the flights to Samoa are full through July.

The plan was to have the Help Desk agents from Data House set up a temporary help desk in Apia to help travelers register and fulfill the requirements of the system.

They were to travel to Samoa yesterday.

In the meantime, King-Young said they are pushing through a Help Desk number in Samoa to serve the same purpose.

She said hopeful things will be more simple because Covid testing in Apia for travelers to American Samoa is now omitted.

At present only Samoa Airways is flying the inter Samoa route with just three flights a week. Airline staff in Apia report there are many local residents trying to return to the territory.

Talofa Airways management has said they hope to resume service in August.