PM welcomes new SIA inductees

“Today, we live in unprecedented, difficult, and challenging times. As leaders, we expect the same ‘quality’ to ensure leaders of this age are resilient and adaptable in the face of adversity.
Even in the worst moments when the human spirit is tested to breaking point, with the onerous responsibility of surviving natural disasters, the inescapable impacts of climate change, the cruelty of the global pandemic, and our vulnerabilities, leaders must be champions of change and rise above the challenges.”
These are remarks by Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa when the Samoa Institute of Accountants officiated new members yesterday at the Taumeasina Island Resort.
The Prime Minister said the institute has in place solid professional standards; a firm code of conduct to direct members’ professional behavior as well as a high standard of ethics and integrity to inform professional responsibilities.
“As you step into your new recognized status of becoming a member of the Samoa Institute of Accountants, there is an expectation in the ‘quality’ and ‘value’ of your self-worth and your professional conduct as a member of SIA.”
Adding that in her political journey, the vision was for Samoa to be a place where people are happy to live.
“This same vision is reiterated to some extent in the Samoa Pathway for Development which speaks to fostering social harmony, safety, and freedom for all.
“You as members of the Institute have a role to play in achieving Samoa’s vision, through the high-quality standard of your role and advice. Role of the Accounting profession to the Government – PM’s advice to new members in their role as Accountants.” 
Furthermore, the Prime Minister cited the key strategic outcomes from Samoa’s Pathway for Development.
“One of the outcomes ensures a “diversified and sustainable economy” in which the professional knowledge of the Institute is directly relevant.
“As our economy faces uncertainty and stress, we cannot undermine the critical role of high-quality financial reporting and auditing to inform businesses and decisions of Government.
The Institute further contributes significantly to other key strategic outcomes in its role of financial accounting and audit. As you go forth as members of SIA, take heed of a few life lessons as guidance during your journey.
• Be prepared to remain grounded in your position, don’t be compromised even if you become unpopular over it;
• Hold strong ‘values’ to define you as an individual and be firm in the standards of your profession;
• ‘Onosai’ – pei o le upu masani, e leai se mea e maua ma le filemu!”
The Prime Minister concluded by congratulating the members that have persevered to be part of this Institute and to meet the standards expected of this recognition.
“This speaks volumes of your dedication. “I wish the Samoa Institute of Accountants well in its journey ahead and officiate the inductions of its new