Police: call us we will remove the canned guns/faga ofe as its illegal


It’s the holiday season, a time to be jolly, and also a time that youth members gather in groups to shoot off their canned guns or faga ofe in the villages, which irritates members of the public due to the loud bang but most especially the elderly population. 

The Ministry of Police and Prisons has put those doing this on notice. In doing so they have reached out to the respective village councils to assist the police by eliminating the use of canned guns or faga ofe.

Police commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo told Radio Polynesia, the use of faga ofe is illegal and urges the public to call them. 

“We will respond and take away the faga ofe,” he said.

Auapaau said a number of complaints have been lodged by members of the public over this and they have been questioned as to what action the Police are taking to stop the use of faga ofe during the holidays as it is such a nuisance.

He said the Ministry of Police will be meeting with the village councils to address this matter.

He also called on members of the public to heed the advice from the police to discourage the youth from using Can Guns as it is illegal.