Police charged the “owner” of gun found in the SSFA CEO’s Gov vehicle


There is a new development in relation to the gun, that was found inside the Government vehicle assigned to the CEO of the Samoa Sports Facilities Authority last week. 

The Ministry of Police and Prisons yesterday arrested and charged a businessman Fata Paul Loibl the owner of the weapon in question. 

This was confirmed by Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo in response to questions from Radio Polynesia. 

He said further Police investigation uncovered the gun in question belongs to Fata and it’s alleged that he gave it to CEO Moefaauo Polailevao Salale Moananu. 

Also, the registration for the firearm was not renewed when it was discovered inside the CEO’s vehicle. 

It has been confirmed the gun was fully loaded when it was discovered. 

Auapa’au said Fata was charged under section 7 of the Arms Ordinance Act 1960, which states that possession of an unlawful weapon is illegal and the penalty is a maximum of up to two years in jail. 

This is in addition to the negligence charge, as the accused under the law “cannot” give anyone the weapon registered under his name. 

The firearm was only registered after Fata was charged. Radio Polynesia reached out to Fata for comments, but there was no response as of press time.

Last week, the SSFA CEO  was charged in relation to a dispute on the road that led to the discovery of a firearm inside the Government vehicle assigned to him.

As reported earlier, Moefaauo declined to comment when contacted by Radio Polynesia but stated that he wasn’t armed with the gun during the alleged dispute but confirmed the gun was “inside” the Government vehicle.

The CEO is charged with assault, presenting a firearm, threat to kill, and unlawful possession of a legal firearm without a license” namely a shotgun gauge 22,” said Papalii.