Police gets behind rehabilitation and reintegration programs for inmates


The Ministry of Police and Prisons completed its second set of rehabilitation community awareness this past week at Matautu Lefaga.

The implementation plan to inform and educate the community on the rehabilitation and reintegration programs offered for inmates emphasizing the significance of their support during the incarceration period and when inmates re-enter society.

The first rehabilitation community awareness was conducted at the Voice of Christ Church at Vaitele Uta, which consisted of participants from Vailoa Faleata, Siusega, Falelauniu and Nu’u.

Deputy Commissioner Leiataua Samuelu Afamasaga zeroed in on the need for collective support in order for the program to succeed. 

“These inmates rely on the public’s support, so they could have a smooth transition back to society without being regarded as convicts or bad influence. 

Reverend Esaroma Fatilua of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa at Matautu-Tai Lefaga during the ceremony said the Ministry is working towards building, moulding and reshaping inmate’s lives, but when they re-enter society, the community should embrace them with open arms, don’t avoid them and stereotypically say stay away from them, he or she was a prisoner. 

Assistant Commissioner for Development Programs Motunu’u Teofilo and his team presented the different activities and rehabilitation programs carried out by SPPCS to try and assist those incarcerated. 

The awareness program included items and skits showcased and performed by the inmates themselves.

 Members of the Lefaga community expressed their gratitude towards the Ministry, noting the program has opened their eyes and it has allowed the community to understand what they can do to help the police support the prisoners.