Police investigates case of identity theft


The Ministry of Police and Prison are investigating claims of an identity theft case.

The complaint was lodged by a Samoan woman living in New Zealand against another woman here in Samoa for using her photo to create a Facebook page to allegedly scam people.

The criminal complaint filed by Helen Sagaga with local Police indicated for over two years this woman used “her photo on social media to scam money from people from different parts of the world.”

Acting Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo confirmed the Criminal Investigation Division is investigating this matter, in response to questions from Radio Polynesia.

Ms Sagaga told Radio Polynesia, she filed a complaint with the New Zealand Police but they said it is best to lodge the matter with the Samoa Police.

I sought help from the NZ Police here but was told that they were unable to help me because they classified my case as identity theft.

“It took me so long to try and figure things out myself because it really affected me,” said Ms Sagaga.

Ms Sagaga sought the assistance of the Police for any previous record of this woman.  

Sagaga further stated she received a lot of criticism from family members and friends and to find out this woman has been using her identity to steal from these people. 

“This woman has ripped off so many people,” claims Ms Sagaga.