Police launches first three year Strategic Plan, in close to 10 years


The Ministry of Police and Prisons this week launched its first Strategic Plan under the leadership of Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo, in close to 10 years.

At the ceremony, Minister of Police Faualo Harry Schuster said the three-year plan lays out a medium-term forward-thinking road map for the Ministry and is aligned with the Pathway for Development of Samoa. 

“A road map that was guided by a strong and effective strategic evaluation process that assessed where we are today, where we plan to go, and how we will deliver tangible actions and results. 

“The demands and needs of Samoan society today have changed and will continue to evolve in the future. 

“The way people live their lives has changed dramatically with the rise in the use of the internet and more widespread use of technology which has led to new types of offending; and therefore, policing needs to adapt to this ever-changing landscape; and operate efficiently and effectively in both public and private spaces.” 

He said significant events such as COVID-19 and growing concerns around transnational crime, cyber security, and security in general; present as a stark reminder of these changing demands and the need for us to respond effectively to protect the public. 

According to the Minister, while their formal mandate is found in legislation, it’s clear that as an organization in order to be effective, it requires the trust and confidence of our communities.

“Crime and public safety are also community issues. 

“The work of SPPCS is distinct and core to the social, political, and economic stability of Samoa; and we need to assure the communities we serve that their priorities are also ours. 

“By putting the needs of our citizens at the heart of shaping our services and working collaboratively through effective community engagement, we can improve the confidence of our citizens so that they can feel safe and secure.

“Therefore, the community and the SPPCS through its respective members must work together with the solidarity of purpose to solve our safety and security challenges with shared responsibilities and meaningful participation. 

“It is these partnerships with our communities that are critical to prevent crime and harm and enables us to knock on a door and have confidence that a member of the public will help us with any investigation. 

“It also enables our communities to trust us to rehabilitate and reintegrate our people back into our communities on completion of custodial sentences. Without the consent and support of our communities, our ability to perform our legislated and core functions would become increasingly difficult. 

“We also have an increased appreciation of the importance of taking a wider and longer-term view of crime, with a priority focus on prevention.” 

He said the SPPCS will also continue to collaborate with its regional and international partners in working together as a region to meet our security needs, as set out in the Biketawa and Boe Declaration; to care for and protect the Blue Pacific Continent.  

According to the Minister that aside from launching its first-ever Strategic Plan, they are also using this opportunity to launch our Poster highlighting our strategic direction for the next 3 years. 

“This poster summarizes the content of the Strategic Plan emphasizing to readers on our commitment, our purpose, and our service delivery.” 

He commended Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo, Executive, and the SPPCS – congratulations on this milestone.