Police: no suspects in death case of Roa Pesamino Mayer


The Coroner has ordered an autopsy in the case of Roa Pesamino Mayer, with further instructions that an inquest will be called on 19 of July this year. 

This is according to Deputy Police Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Keti Tiai during a press conference with the media yesterday. 

The Ministry of Police and Prisons have already submitted a request to the Fiji police for pathologists to conduct the post-mortem of four bodies at the morgue. According to Papalii, this case is treated as a homicide case until proven otherwise.

Under the law, a homicide case is when it’s an “unnatural death”.

Roa, TV3’s General Manager and radio host on Radio Polynesia was found dead in her home at Ululoloa last weekend. Papalii told the media she was unclear whether there are injuries and made it clear there are no suspects in this case. 

Meanwhile, messages have flooded social media over the death of Roa. Senese’s Executive Board yesterday also issued a statement confirming Roa as one of their executive members. 

“Roa was a treasured and loved member of the SENESE Executive Board since 2019 and although our small team is still taking time to process this shocking news, they wanted to honour their friend and colleague for her service to Senese Inclusive Education in the last 4 years.” 

According to the Senese statement, Roa became a board member during one of the most critical and challenging times in the organisation’s journey as they fought to keep their doors open and services available.

They also acknowledged Roa’s tireless energy and contribution in making all their fundraising efforts a success and that through her vast networks and contacts, she was able to bring in sponsors and put SENESE in the spotlight whenever there was an opportunity.

“Thank you for being a bright light during some very dark times, we will never forget your beautiful and generous spirit.”