Police raids Faleatiu again, seized 5,000 marijuana plants, marijuana seeds, unregistered firearms


The Ministry of Police and Prisons arrested five suspects following the execution of a search warrant at Faleatiu. This follows concerns raised by the village regarding ongoing issues involving narcotics.

In a statement released by the Ministry hailed the search was successful.

“And resulted in the seizure of 5,000 marijuana plants, marijuana seeds, unregistered firearms, and the arrest of five suspects.

“The street value of the plants seized by SPPCS is estimated to be worth $250,000 talā.” Furthermore, the Police will continue to combat drug-related activities in Samoa, as their use can have severe medical and criminal consequences.

The Police encourage the public to come forward with any information about drug-related activities within their community.

“And to inform the police immediately or to contact our office or a nearby station at the telephone number #22222. We sincerely thank the public for your ongoing assistance and continuous support in ensuring safety for all.”