Police removed roadblocks in boundary of Levi and Afega, after LTC denied motion of stay


The Ministry of Police and Prisons went full force yesterday to clear a roadblock at the disputed boundary after the Land and Titles Court ruled the boundary in question is Afega lands in a dispute with residents of Levi Saleimoa.  

Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo confirmed Police were contacted for assistance yesterday after the LTC President denied an application to stay the execution of road works. Residents of Levi Saleimoa filed the motion to stop land clearing by Afega residents.

According to Auapa’au, the role of the Police is to uphold law and order as well as enforce court orders, and in this case, the LTC has ruled in favor of Afega; therefore, each and every party involved must uphold the orders of the LTC. 

He also confirmed several roadblocks in the disputed area, and the Police removed them in the presence of Levi residents. Adding that unless the LTC rules otherwise, the Afega residents will be allowed in the disputed area. 

He also urges families and chiefs of Levi to heed the court’s ruling and keep the peace.