Police Toa Samoa operation a sucess

The Ministry of Police and Prisons confirmed more than 350 sworn and non-sworn members from each unit within SPPCS worked throughout one of the largest gatherings in efforts to maintain peace and security; as people celebrate Toa Samoa. 
In a statement issued indicated what they have achieved in the past few weeks, nevertheless, being the only Pacific team to make it to the grand final of the Rugby League World Cup.
“Before everyone was deployed to their respective posts for the operation, a brief prayer service was held, and this saw members of SPPCS come together to seek the Lord’s /guidance and strength as they carry out their duties for the operation.
Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo together with the executive management team was out in full force leading the operation in different routes and posts ensuring the smooth run of the operation.
“As they were on duty themselves they made sure that all in attendance were given support, this included giving members pep talks and encouragement at every step to lift everyone’s spirits as they work tirelessly throughout the two days.
“The Toa Samoa Operation consisted of different shifts, engaged in monitoring the parades, patrolling all corners of the CBD area, checkpoint routine as well as standing guard at Apia Park for the screening of the world cup championship game.
“The outposts around Upolu and Savai’i were also out in full force patrolling and monitoring their respective constituencies, making sure that there were no issues during peoples’ parades and celebrations.
“As sworn members patrol the roads, the non-sworn officers or civilians unswervingly supported the officers with their needs throughout, preparing meals, delivering water bottles to teams and making sure what was needed, was delivered.”
The Samoa Police and Fire firefighters also participated in a Siva Tau prior to the game.
“Samoa Police, Prisons and Correction Services continued working throughout the Toa Samoa game, in spite of feeling fatigued, the members were, in particular, glad that the operation was a great success.”
Commissioner Auapa’au acknowledged the public for their cooperation and most of all its partners near and far for their unwavering support.
“A time like no other, for our nation as the boys in blue made history by becoming the first and the only pacific team to play in the World Cup final.
“A time like no other, the whole nation celebrates this milestone in the history of Samoa and more importantly a time like no other for Samoa Police Prisons and Correction Services to be a part of a historic moment in service for our community and our people.”