Police visits Mapufagalele

The Ministry of Police and Prisons conducted its annual visitation to the Mapuifagalele Rest Home this week.
The Police Royal Band together with the group of performers for the 13 Days to Christmas were on site to entertain our elders, showcasing Christmas carols, melodies and a skit.
Some of the elderly women and the Rest home workers took the floor and danced away to the music and songs performed, adding to the joyful atmosphere. Cheers and laughter were heard from left and right, an indication of the excitement the crowd has over the numbers played and performed by SPPCS members.
Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo in addition presented the Sisters and the Mapuifagalele Rest Home monetary gift of $2000.00 and bags full of vegetables to assist the Home with the elderly’s daily meals.
In return, the Mapuifagalele thanked Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo and the Ministry for their generosity and conveyed blessings upon all who attended and their callings.
This is an annual event by the Samoa Police Prisons and Correction Services, and it is done in hopes to spread joy and happiness to our elders at Mapuifagalele.