Power outages leaves residents frustrated


The back-to-back power outages at the Vaimauga districts have left residents disappointed and questioning the ability of the Electric Power Corporation and its generators. 

There has been no official explanation as to what caused the last three outages as efforts for comments from the Electric Power Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Faumuina Iese Toimoana were unsuccessful. 

However on the EPC Facebook page, informs its customers of yesterday’s outage in Vailima and Vaoala due to issues with its main line in the area. 

The day before thousands of families, businesses, and the hospital were affected by Monday’s outage, which started around town and all the way to rural areas.

Three days prior to that power was also out for Lefaga as there was an issue with the feeder. 

Families and businesses that have reached out to Radio Polynesia expressed concerns the outages have huge impacts on their appliances and that the outages should not happen two days in a row. 

“This is ridiculous, to endure this two days in a row is unacceptable, as if EPC can replace our appliances. On top of that, the disruption the outages cause in the daily lives of people,” said one woman.

Similar concerns were raised by some of the businesses in Vailima and Vaoala as their areas experienced another outage on Tuesday.