Previous Gov spent $1.7 million compensation of land for Ti’avea airport project


A total of $1.7 million of public funds have been spent on the development of the Ti’avea Airport located on reclaimed swampland.

This was revealed in the Public Accounts for financial year 2020.

This is one of the previous Government’s major projects with the aim to provide Samoa with easy access to all modes of transport.

This project was launched in 2019 and the initial cost of the project was set at $10 million tala. This proposed airport was to be used as an emergency airport located in Ti’avea.

In April that year the Government and the Ti’avea Village Council signed an agreement approving the development of Ti’avea Airport, and the handover of required land. 

The public accounts for the financial year 2020 were submitted two years later when the Fiame Administration took over.

In addition the Minister of Works Transport and Infrastructure, Olo Fiti Vaai says the new Administration has tabled this project as it will be too costly and unnecessary costs to public funds when there is the Fagalii Airport they can revive the flights between Samoa and American Samoa.

According to the public accounts report. a total of $1.44 million was paid for the “compensation to the Tiavea Village land used for the new airport.” While $362,542 was used to “compensate for houses and graves relocation of families at Ti’avea.”

The Government pointed out in a statement Ti’avea Airport will comprise a single 800 x 30-meter runway, taxiway, and apron parking space for 2 code 3C turbo propeller aircraft. But the runway was to extend by a further 600 meters for a total length of 1400 meters.