Project Gateway sponsored by the US Embassy benefits inmates


Eighteen inmates have successfully completed the 12 steps to recovery through Project Gateway sponsors by the US Embassy in Samoa.

This was confirmed in a statement released by the Ministry of Police and Prisons. Project Gateway saw 18 inmates graduate after ten weeks of participation. Of the 18 inmates, there were juveniles.

“Through the program, the inmates learned about the importance of making positive choices and the consequences of bad choices.

“They gained insight into their behavior and developed coping skills to deal with difficult emotions. The program also provided support and guidance to help them make better decisions and lead successful lives. “Transformed Woman” participants accounted for twelve of the inmates.

“The program was created to empower women and provide a safe space to help them thrive and recognise their worth. It also helped them tap into their true potential.

“Consequently, these participants were able to gain the skills, confidence and personal growth they needed to reintegrate into society successfully.

“In delivering this program, SPPCS’s Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) partner, Light of Hope assisted in facilitating this invaluable program.”

After weeks of constant commitment to the program, the inmates graduated. The United States Embassy Charge d’Affaires Noriko Horiuchi and the President of the Light of Hope Clara Ah Kuoi delivered remarks on the project Gateway program.

They highlighted how the Project Gateway program offered something different and unique for the inmates as they celebrated their successful completion of the program.

Acting Police Commissioner Leiataua Samuelu Afamasaga expressed gratitude towards US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Noriko Horiuchi for funding Project Gateway.

He also aacknowledged the Light of Hope for their assistance in facilitating the program. All participants were presented with certificates at the ceremony.