PSC I.O. request for a full Inquiry into MCR


The Public Service Commission is recommending a full inquiry into the Ministry of Customs and Revenue after evidence surfaced that “two named companies received special treatments” due to their alleged relationship with the former CEO.

This was discovered by the PSC in the midst of their investigation into former ACEO Alvin Onesemo, who was found guilty of two of the four charges of misconduct against him. 

The PSC had insufficient evidence to proceed with the other two charges, which was later withdrawn. Onesemo’s contract ended the day before Cabinet fined and gave him a final warning. 

The PSC full report prepared by ACEO of the Legal Division, Maiavatele Timothy Fesili was submitted for Cabinet and was obtained by Radio Polynesia; outlined the call for a full inquiry.

Under recommendation 2 of the report, Maivatele said the Commission was also advised to consider initiating an inquiry under section 6 of the Public Service Act 2004 into the MCR, in particular the Customs arm of the MCR.

This is to determine whether the Ministry and/ or its employees are operating in accordance with the Public Service Act 2004 and relevant laws pertaining to their respective functions. 

“There were allegations that commercial containers were being passed through customs under the guise of privatepersonal effect containers.

Unfortunately, some of these containers were not properly investigated, this was despite the CEO being alerted of a suspected case in 2019. 

The inquiry should also look into reviewing the full processes of receiving and clearing containers including duty charged and paid, It seems that the human element of the process is the weakest link.”  

The report says “private conversations with some of the employees, there was a sense that commercial containers for companies such as but not limited to two named companies received special treatments due to their relationship with the former CEO.

“If this is the case then there are a lot of customs duties and fees unaccounted for. A full inquiry may prove or dispel these allegations.”

Radio Polynesia reached out to PSC Commissioner Lauano Vaosa Epa for comments but there’s been no response as of press time.

Furthermore the former CEO of MCR, Matafeo Avalisa Viali-Fautualii were also