PSC issues directive


The Public Service Commission has issued a directive that all Government employees must now return to work, including those who were authorized to work from home due to school closure.

This however does not include employees who have tested positive for Covid-19, and other classes of employees permitted to work from home, as clearly identified under the Section titled “Alternative Work Arrangements” in the Government Workforce COVID-19 Planning Guidelines.

This is in line with the advice from Cabinet Directive 22 dated 2nd May 2022, for all Government Agencies.

Government staff are back to normal working hours of 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, but it does not apply to Essential Services.

The CEO is urged to continue operating in accordance with their Business Continuity Plans to ensure that the delivery of services is not disrupted, and to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all employees.

Also, agencies must continue to observe and practise proper hygiene practices, respiratory etiquette and social distancing in workplaces and when responding to customer enquiries in accordance with current MOH guidelines. This applies to employees and visitors to any Government premises.

Furthermore, the CEOs must ensure that all employees within, and visitors to the workplace wear masks, have been vaccinated as per Government restrictions and that children below the age of 12 are prohibited from entering public places, which includes Government official premises.