PSC revised its notice, working hours from 9am-2pm


Public Service Commission Chair, Lauano Vaosa Epa has amended its notice on the working hours for Government employees from 9am-2pm.

In line with the amendments to the State of Emergency Orders and Cabinet Directive 18 (22), the new working hours are from 6 April-19 April.

“The changes in working hours do not apply to essential services.”

Initially, the PSC stated that working hours were from 9am-3pm but it’s been amended to reflect getting off one hour earlier.

“Given restrictions with public and private transportations (i.e. prohibited from 2pm onwards), Chief Executive officers are to make necessary arrangements to take into account these issues.

“CEO’s are further advised to request to NEOC for office vehicle passes should there be a need for staff work beyond the prescribed hours. “CEOs are to make alternative working arrangements to allow the appropriate number of rostered staff (i.e. skeletal staff) to return to work commencing Wednesday  6 April 2022.

“This includes practical arrangements in terms of suitable, flexible working hours (i.e. early start and early release).”