Public debt stands at $903.5 million tala


As of December 2022, the total Government outstanding debt amounted to $903.5 million, $99.0 million less than the December 2021 balance. 

Total External Debt was $901.5 million and $1.1 million was outstanding with local financial institutions.

This is outlined in the Samoa Bureau of Statistics’ latest financial report which was released yesterday. 

The report says that within the external debt instrument, monies owed to global financial institutions amounted to $479.9 million. 

The Government of Samoa owes the World Bank $274.9 million and the ADB $185.1 million. The balances with the two biggest money lenders went down by a combined $18.2 million from December 2021 level. 

In addition, the total debt owed to the Chinese Government amounted to $355.3 million, again, reduced by $64.0 million from the last twelve months. 

Total debt to the Government of Japan on the other hand amounted to $66.3 million, $12.9 million lower than what was in December 2021.