Public urged to report online the results of the RAT


Residents are urged to (self-report) register with the Ministry of Health results of the rapid tests they conduct on their own even if the results are positive.

Savali reports that from May 1st till the 8th over 50 individuals had registered their positive rapid test results online.

Since the online registration was activated over 1,000 positive cases voluntarily reported their positive results, Deputy Director-General of Health Tagaloa Dr. Robert Thomsen revealed during a recent press conference.

He urges members of the public to register as the statistics will assist health authorities to analyze and formulate effective containment measures to minimize the spread and threat of the virus in the community.

Tagaloa notes that employees, (public servants included) who had rapid tests independently and did not register with health cannot receive the medical certificate needed by employers to justify their absence from work.

“We have denied a substantial number of requests from employees needing a medical certificate because they tested positive but did not self-register,” said the Deputy Director.

And he recalled a similar miscommunication with family members who did not report their loss of loved ones during the Measles Outbreak and later threatened and harassed health authorities for a death certificate to receive Government assistance.