Punialavaa’s Corporate Concert at Lava, with Taula at the helm


In line with the year-long 60th Independence celebration for Samoa, award-winning music group Punialava’a will host a Corporate Concert at the Lava hotel this Saturday, with Taula as the “exclusive beverage sponsor”. 

The group’s legacy as a family affair continues under the leadership of Reverend Iosefa Lale Peteru with his wife and children, who are all in Samoa.

The Punialava’a was first formed in Vailele back in 1966 by a former school teacher and together with friends, Reverend Peteru wrote and produced hits during the 1970s that were played by the Samoa National Broadcasting Service, and the rest is history.

Taula’s management today gave the Punialavaa’s a tour of Taula’s factory. Taimalieutu Charlie Westerlund Taula’s Managing Director told Radio Polynesia that Punialavaa is a beautiful family of talented artists. 

“They successfully and passionately promote Samoa internationally. We have been honoured to work with them in the past, and even more so honoured today that we can do so again this season, in celebration of Samoa’s 60th Independence year.  

“We will continue to work together and enhance each other in the future wherever we can. We encourage everyone and all local businesses to support and join the fun watching and listening to this iconic band – a proud moment for all Samoans.” 

In 2018 the Punialavaa’s won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Pacific Music Awards in New Zealand. 

The group has changed members over the decades, but the music and lyrics stay true to the heart of Samoa and Pacific culture, as Reverend Peteru explains.

RNZ reports Reverend Peteru’s wife, Vini, joined during the mid-1980s as the group’s lead singer.

The eldest, Nanai Viellani Lale Peteru, says his parents took him into the music studio as a baby and he’s been closely involved ever since. Their other children are also singers and active in their music group.