Regulator confirms BlueWave Wireless submitted “financial statements”


Regulator, Lematua Gisa Fuatai-Purcell has confirmed BlueWave Wireless has satisfied all the requirements of the office’s requests to produce financial statements and is in full compliance with the Telecommunications Act 2004.

“There have been a number of newspaper articles and public speculation in the last two weeks that have called into question the integrity of BlueWave Wireless’ operations and adherence to legal requirements.

“It is my duty as the Regulator to clarify any information that stems from the media or any news outlets and thereby the Office of the Regulator gives its full assurance to the people of Samoa that BlueWave Wireless has fully complied with the Office of the Regulator’s requirements to submit audited financial statements for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021,” said Lematua in a statement issued. 

Last month the Regulator issued an order against BlueWave Telecommunication Company to submit audited financials which was dated 16 June 2022. However, six days later rescinded the order. 

The first order cited the “unresponsiveness of Bluewave” to the requests to submit audited financial statements required for the calculation of Bluewaves annual license fees and at that time warned Bluewave if failed to comply with the Order will result in the Office of the Regulator taking appropriate legal action for non-compliance.

“In the case of the BlueWave Wireless school-focused internet project, The Office of the Regulator assures the public that due process has been followed and executed, including appropriate checks to ensure school children are protected by firewalls which prevent users from accessing harmful sites.

“The Office of the Regulator will continue to monitor this project and be transparent in its processes to ensure the interests of school children have been met by the provision of these services, and that integrity of our regulation sector is upheld,” Lematua Gisa Fuatai-Purcell said.