Rehabilitation through Arts Programme for inmates launched

The Ministry of Police, Prisons and Correction Services hosted the official launch of the Rehabilitation through Arts Programme for inmates.
The Ministry always seek opportunities to develop and rehabilitate people while they are serving their imprisonment sentences so they can transition smoothly back into society. It is believed in our society that Arts therapy is very effective as most people are shy to share their issues with one another verbally but rather express their feelings in drawing, carving or performing arts.
The rehabilitation project will be implemented by the Ministry of Police, Prisons and Corrections (MPPC) and Samoa Stationery and Books (SSAB). And co-funded by the British High Commission Apia and SSAB. The Programme will feature local artists who will work closely with participating inmates on capacity building in artistic skills and knowledge.
The programme will run for eight weeks with a final exhibition and auction of paintings to be held in November 2022.
Proceeds from the auction will go back into the sustainability of rehabilitation programmes at the prison.
SSAB donates 400 bibles to rehabilitation programmes.
Justice Vui Clarence Nelson, a key partner in the development of the programme, discussed the value of the programme for inmates in social development, capacity building as well as the spiritual aspect of rehabilitation.
“As we continue to embark on our journey in rebuilding the lives of our people here at Tanumalala, let us remember the famous African proverb: If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” God bless you all.