Salelavalu drug raid suspect turned himself in to Police this morning


Manuia Lafaele turned himself into the Police at Tuasivi this morning. He is the last of the three suspects implicated in the Salelavalu drug raid. 

This was confirmed by Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo in response to questions from Radio Polynesia. 

On Tuesday, the Salelavalu Village Council turned over the shooter Apisaloma Setu aka Sula Sete and Masina Lega Taulelei after Police put their names out as “wanted” by Police. 

Apisaloma is charged with attempted murder while Masina and Manuia are facing drug charges. 

“However there is a possibility of more charges,:” said the Police Commissioner. 

On Monday the Village Council met and “penalise” the men implicated in the drug raid where Police confiscated more than 30 marijuana plants after Police responded to a call from Salelavalu villagers reporting marijuana plantations in the village, where two police officers sustained minor gun injuries.

The accused were on the 10 am ferry this morning to Apia, where they will be taken to the Tanumalala prison to await their appearance in court on 28 October 2022 for their criminal mention. 

Auapa’au told Radio Polynesia the Chiefs were cooperative when they met.

“We met with the elders of the village council and they understood the role of the Police, to keep order, uphold the law and ensure peace is paramount in the respective villages, meaning a drug-free environment. They were also reminded that no one is above the law and it is illegal to harbour criminal suspects,” said the Commissioner.

“The result of today’s meeting is why our culture and way of life are unique, it is different from other parts of the world.  “We can resolve issues amicably and we don’t need to resort to other means to ensure the law is upheld,” he told Radio Polynesia.