Samoa Airways recorded a $1.6 million loss first quarter of FY 2021-2022


In the first three months of the Financial Year 2021-2022, Samoa Airways recorded a loss of $1.6 million loss. This was confirmed in the quarterly report by the Ministry of Public Enterprises on the performance of the Airline, which covers the months of July to September last year.

The report says there were no commercial flights for Jet this quarter due to aircraft pending in Australia awaiting Government approval at that time.

However, the current Administration has opted not to bring the first aircraft for a number of several reasons including the financial capacity of the airline to continue the operation of the Jet.

The MPE report says the small operation continued to operate charter flights for Samoa and American Samoa. A total of 40 charter flights were recorded this quarter.

“Despite the positive Net Profit After Tax of $38,526 recorded from the small operation this quarter, the net loss of $1.7m from the Jet deteriorates overall performance resulted to an overall net loss of $1.6m recorded for the first three months of FY2022.”