Samoa Land Corporation CEO position advertised


The 6 May 2022 is the deadline for interested applicants in the Chief Executive Officer position for the Samoa Land Corporation, which oversees more than 24,000 acres of government properties around the Country.

They also oversee the market at Vaitele, Salelologa and the flea market at Savalalo.

The position is currently being held by Ulugia Peteli Kevesi who has been the CEO for the last six years.

According to the special advertisement put out by the Ministry of Public Enterprises, applications are invited from interested qualified candidates for above-mentioned position.

“The General Manager appointment is for a contractual term of employment of three (3) years. Salary and benefits will be in accordance with existing remuneration packages set by the Government of Samoa for Chief Executive Officers/General Managers of Ministries and Corporations.”

Under the tenure of Ulugia SLC has recorded profits until the economic crisis with the measles and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its latest report for the financial year 2020, the Samoa Land Corporation recorded a decrease in its net profit in the amount of $3.4 million.

A drop of 14 per cent compared to $4 million previously. This is outlined in the Corporation’s annual report.

The applicants must provide, a cover letter; a Completed Competency Self-Assessment Form; most recent curriculum vitae that includes: details of all your current and previous work history, including the following information: position title, employer and the dates you held the position.

Also a list of Achievements; and brief summary of Key Accountabilities and certified copies of all certificates of academic achievements, qualifications, training, professional affiliation and other documents provided in support of your application and completed Referee Details with recent written references from three professional referees, it means no later than 12 months.

Its latest annual report, available publicly, indicated that the total revenue recorded for the current period decreased by 2.5 per cent, this is due to the financial assistance offered to the Corporation’s clients during the COVID-19 lockdown as well as the inability of tenants to pay due to the pandemic.

Income from Lands leases is the major contributor earning around 74 per cent whilst the remaining more than 20 per cent comes from markets (Savalalo, Vaitele & Salelologa), the Faleata Golf Course, Malifa Lodge and other sources.

Total expenditure recorded an increase from $7.7million to $8.4million for the current period.

This increase in total expenses is due mainly to the construction of new access roads to land leased out, relocation costs of Sogi residents to Falelauniu and the additional provision to cover the risk and uncertainties to some of the land debtors and Market tenants at year-end due to COVID-19 impacts.

Administration & Operating costs are the major expense for the Corporation representing 50 per cent of total expenditure for the reported period.