Samoa National Lotto fined $10,000 for breach of SOE orders


The Ministry of Police and Prisons have slapped the Samoa National Lotto with a $10,000 fine for breach of the State of Emergency Orders.

This was confirmed by Acting Police Commissioner, Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo in response to questions from Radio Polynesia.

“The Agency was warned last week, not to proceed with their gamings, as it is prohibited under the SOE orders however, the warning was ignored.

“I can confirm that two tickets were issued and it’s $5,000 each,” said Auapa’au.

Under SOE orders six bans the opening of “gaming facilities”.

Efforts were made to get comments from the Samoa National Lotto CEO Tuala Siaki Tuala but were unsuccessful.

This afternoon, the Samoa National Lotto office issued a public notice indicating their office will be closed starting tomorrow until level 2 restrictions are lifted.

“As such there will be no Samoa National Lotto draw this week and no Samoa National TV Bingo games.”

According to the notice, all Samoa National Lotto tickets, TV bingo tickets and bonus tickets already purchased will be forwarded and used in the next lotto draw.

Questions about why Police Officers were in attendance at Saturday’s draw, Auapa’au declined to comment, noting there was a “mix up” that led to Officers appearing at the lottery office to oversee the draw of the lotto game last Saturday.

That same Saturday two different live recordings aired resulting in the lottery producing different winning numbers.

This caused a lot of confusion amongst the public who took their frustrations to social media demanding an explanation from the National Lotto.

On Monday, the Samoa National Lotto issued a public apology over the airing of two different live recordings, due to technical errors. 

The Acting Police Commissioner also confirmed receiving numerous complaints from members of the public following the mix up over last Saturday’s draw.

The Samoa National Lotto is overseen by the Samoa Gambling Authority a Government agency that regulates all gambling games in the Country.