Samoa Police Maritime Division contracted local “Yellowfin” vessel for EEZ inspections


The Ministry of Police and Prisons has contracted a local “Yellowfin” vessel to assist with their inspections of the Samoa Economic Exclusive Zone to ensure it remains safe from illegal activities such as smuggling and unlicensed fishing. 

Savali reported the Samoa Police Maritime Division out-sourced and secure the services of a patrol boat while awaiting the delivery of a replacement patrol boat next year funded by the Government of Australia.

Operations are to commence next week with Police Maritime Officers and Fisheries Agents who will be on board the vessel during routine patrols to ensure integrity of the fishing E.E.Z.

And authorities are sending notices to fishermen to cooperate and respond to radio calls from Yellowfin and that failure to comply and take direction from Police Officers and Fisheries Agents aboard the vessel can lead to appropriate legal actions if warranted.

In early January, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Penny Wong says to strengthen its support for Samoa’s management of its oceans Australia has announced the provision of a new Guardian Class Patrol Boat.

This is part of the new eight-year partnership between Australia and Samoa to address its human development and social inclusion priorities.

This new partnership, ‘Tautua – Human Development for All’, will seek to foster collective action in health, education, gender, disability, and social protection, addressing areas most critical to Samoa.

“Building on a 30-year partnership in maritime security, Australia was also pleased to strengthen its support for Samoa’s management of its precious oceans through the provision of a new Guardian Class Patrol Boat.

“The new vessel will be delivered within the next 12 months.

“In support of the regional Boe Declaration, this will help Samoa to respond to increasingly complex threats in the region, including transnational crime and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.” 

Last year the $30 million Class Patrol Boat ran aground in Savaii a few years after it arrived from Australia. According to the statement issued Minister Wong met with representatives of Samoa’s Cabinet and private sector and community leaders to hear Samoa’s aspirations for its future and ways the two Governments can work together to ensure the Blue Pacific remains strong and prosperous.

“She listened to the challenges and successes for Samoan families under Australia’s labour mobility programs and undertook to ensure settings continue to be of mutual benefit to Samoa and Australia.

Minister Wong said she hoped this visit would be the first of many during her time as Foreign Minister. Prime Minister Fiame wished her well in her new role, and looked forward to working closely together as members of the Pacific family.”