Samoa Tourism Sector Plan 2022-2027 was launched

The Samoa Tourism Sector Plan 2022-2027 was launched today.
Minister of the Samoa Tourism Authority, Toesulusulu Cedric Schuster said the Samoa Tourism Sector Plan lays down the pathway for the achievement of sustainable tourism recovery and growth in the next five years, after the economic and social downturns of the measles epidemic, and the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The Plan fundamentally aims to not only restore, but to surpass the success of 2019 which was the peak year for tourism, by dreaming big, and laying down the gauntlet for a new benchmark of 250,000 bonafide visitors per year.”
According to the Minister the new plan is steered by the strong belief for, rebranding of Beautiful Samoa to focus on what we are globally known and recognized for, such as our culture and heritage, our people, our pristine environment, as well as a safe and vibrant destination for all forms of events. 
“Refocusing our marketing approach to utilize our people and ambassadors, targeting niche markets tailored to our strengths, and utilizing all forms of multimedia platforms; enhancing destination competitiveness by improving transport, infrastructure and accessibility; creating a strong investment and business-enabling environment; investing in training and development needs, and building resilience to climate and disasters, economic recessions, health risks and social issues. 
“Just as Rome was not built in a day, I accept that the recovery phase will take time. However, with the Sector’s confidence in a more resilient, inclusive and green Samoa as a tourism destination, coupled with the firm commitment and support of the Tourism Sector members and community, I am confident that we are on track in building back better.
“I want to acknowledge with gratitude the various stakeholders and donor partners for the continued assistance and partnership support for tourism development in Samoa.
“A special Faafetai tele lava to the Government of New Zealand’s ongoing support through for its Samoa Tourism Growth Program, the Samoa Tourism Recovery and Resilience program and the preparation of the Samoa Tourism Sector Plan.
“A special faamalo to all those involved with the preparation of this Tourism Sector Plan, and words of encouragement for everyone who will be involved with the implementation.”
The Minister said he looks forward to working in collaboration with all stakeholders over the next 5 years in alignment and support of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and Pathway for the Development of Samoa 2026.
A vibrant and flourishing Beautiful Samoa bodes well for more and better employment opportunities, a thriving private sector, reconnection and appreciation, a major boost of our economic growth.