Samoan delegation in Israel are “safe”


Samoa’s delegation currently Israel to explore the holy city is expected to be back in the Country this coming Friday.

The focus shifted to the Israel delegates following bombings in the Southern part of Israel by the terrorists. 

October 7th, 2023, has been declared by Israel as the deadliest day in Jewish history since the Holocaust after Palestinian terrorists from Hamas invaded southern Israel. This is the fifth day of an ongoing lethal conflict between Hamas and the Israelis. 

Israel continues its airstrikes all over the enclosed territory of Gaza. It has ordered the cutting of water, electricity, and food to the already impoverished and blockaded population of roughly 2.3 million.

Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, said it has some 150 Israeli hostages in captivity. The U.S. and other governments are working to determine the number of foreign hostages in Hamas’ captivity.

The death toll from the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas has passed 1,700, with over 900 killed and 2,700 injured in Israel and at least 830 people killed and 4,250 injured in Gaza, according to Palestinian and Israeli health services. In the meantime, Samoa’s delegation posted this video yesterday of their message to their families and friends that they are safe. 

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