Samoa’s first community case, Naila Tyner speaks out


Samoa’s first community case, Naila Tyner a US Citizen, posted a video on social media of her surprise when her RAT test came back positive.

Ms. Tyner who is in the isolation at the hospital’s COVID ward was scheduled to leave Samoa to head back to the United States of America after being in the Country for over two years. 


Also in her video, Tyner said she was being vilified by the public when her information was publicly released and blamed Samoa Global News. 

However Editor of Samoa Global, Tuiloma Sina Retzlaff disputed Tyner’s comments, noting their article at no time released her detailed information as she has falsely stated on her video post.

Tuiloma further noted that SGN articles at no time stated Tyner infected all those people in the hospital as she has accused SGN. Adding that she’s disappointed in Tyner’s public attempt to name and shame Samoa Global News at this crucial time of having to get out the right information for our people.

Also that Tyner’s movements as an infected person were required information for the public’s knowledge and that is something they cannot apologise for.

The detailed information of Ms. Tyner was contained on a NEOC document that was leaked out and was publicly shared on social media. The said document was submitted to Cabinet during its emergency meeting on Thursday evening.

Aside from Samoa Global, other media outlets also publicised Ms. Tyner’s movement as part of the community service informing the public who were in the same area to get tested.

The same information was also published on the Ministry of Health’s latest public notice.