Savaii residents can now get Police clearance at Tuasivi outpost


For the first time, Savaii residents do not need to travel to Upolu to get their police clearance at the main office in town. 

The service is now available at the Tusivi Outpost in Savaii and started this week. This was confirmed in a statement issued by the Ministry of Police and Prisons. 

The Ministry reminds that their office hours are from 9 am to 3 pm and that in order to get a police clearance it’s required that one must provide a passport copy and birth certificate and the fee is $30 tala. 

Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo said it is only fair the services available in Upolu should also be available for Savaii residents where it is convenient. 

He also confirmed the decision was made upon receiving numerous requests from members of the public, however, the process takes up to 48 hours. 

Furthermore, Auapa’au confirmed that up t 11 February Savaii residents can renew their firearm registrations; undergo firearm safety awareness sessions and police will also inspect where the firearms are stored and farms. 

He said the Arms Unit TOS will provide the firearm safety awareness sessions at their Tuasivi outpost in Savaii.