Schools in the Country, signed agreements for grant funding under One Government Grant (O.G.G.) scheme


Schools in Upolu and Savaii signed agreements this week to receive funding under the One Government Grant (O.G.G.) scheme. 

The government early last year relayed that $17. 7 million will be disbursed for this initiative and will include private, public and mission schools, special schools and T.V.E.T. the government media reported. 

According to the C.E.O. of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, Aeau Chris Hazelman MESC and the Ministry of Finance would finalize all documentation so that the allocated funds would be in the bank accounts when schools starts today. 

The ministry was divided into five groups to ensure that both Upolu and Savaii were catered to during the agreement signing process said the C.E.O. 

The total disbursements for each school were based on the number of students on the school roll. 

The initiative was first put into place in 1984, with an initial budget of $50 thousand tala disbursed only to mission schools. 

However, more than 300 schools are part of the grant scheme to aid in financial support towards teacher salaries, teacher training resources and school utilities.