Seasonal workers to be hired from District Development Centers


The Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labor which oversees the hiring of seasonal workers for overseas employment is taking a different approach in the recruitment process for the workers to be hired directly from the District Development Centers, consisting of 51 constituencies. 

The restructuring of the hiring process follows a number of complaints, including the lack of employees in the country as many have opted for seasonal work. 

Earlier this year Minister Leatinuu Wayne So’oialo told Radio Polynesia Cabinet had approved the review of the Recognized Seasonal Employment as a result of social issues and other complaints. 

Yesterday, the Minister said the seasonal workers can be hired directly from the villages through the District Development Centers, instead of the current process where anyone can apply, so long as they meet eligibility requirements. 

“As indicated earlier, if there is a request from overseas companies requiring 8,000 workers, that number can be divided equally from each constituency, amounting to 160 workers from each of the 51 Districts. 

“The selection from there will then be turned over to the relevant Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour for final review and official hiring.” 

He said this way village councils will play a role in scrutinizing the applicants as no one understands and knows the history of the applicant better than the village councils. 

The Minister said before departing Australia recently a significant issue was brought to his attention, of a 22-year-old male charged for three separate rape charges, involving elderly women in their 80s and young victims. 

“The Ministry wants to remove these types of workers from the program, but in the previous recruitment process, anyone can apply,” said the Minister. 

At the moment there is a Committee appointed to review the overhaul of the current recruitment process to ensure the current issues do not occur in the future given the number of predicaments that have surfaced. 

The members are made up of Government officials, ILO, workers’ organizations, Chamber of Commerce to name a few.