Senior Dr says complete lockdown unnecessary


One of Samoa’s Senior Paediatrician has called on the Government not to consider applying a complete lockdown in the coming weeks, as it’s unnecessary.

Noting this strategy “does not really work” and it’s evident with other Countries that have done this in the past.

The Government however should focus its efforts to vaccinate and testing the highly populated areas like Vaitele, Siuesega, and town areas first.

Tautalatasi Dr. John Adams, a private physician, in an interview with Radio Polynesia, said a full lockdown will also have an impact on the Country’s already strained economy and these are issues the Government should consider before implementing such measures. 

Adding that Samoa has had two years of preparations and observing New Zealand and Australia, full lockdown doesn’t necessarily wipe out the virus.

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Tautalatasi also urged that the Ministry of Health continue with its awareness program and also flood the media platforms with information on the danger of being unvaccinated and the vulnerability it comes with it.

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He reminded the public to stick to the measures the Government put in place to minimise the spread of the COVID-19, given the rapid spread of the Community cases, which as of this morning now reached 262.

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