Shakedown at the Tanumalala prison over the weekend, did not uncover any illegal contraband


 The Ministry of Police and Prisons conducted a shakedown at the Tanumalala prison over the weekend. 

This was confirmed by Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo in response to Radio Polynesia questions. According to an official statement issued by the Ministry, the operation was a search conducted by our police and correction officers of all Tanumalala Prison cells; to ensure no drugs and dangerous items were hidden within the Prisons Site.

“It also warrants the safety of inmates serving their time at Tanumalala, its staff members and visitors.” 

Police Commissioner confirmed that no illegal contraband was discovered. 

Operation Tanu was led by Deputy Commissioner Lafaitele Hebert Aati and Assistant Commissioner Papali’i Efo Moalele. 

“The operation was a success, and this will be considered an ongoing operation to ensure the safety of Tanumalala Prison.

Last month a Correction Officer was placed on suspension pending internal investigations of “items” being smuggled into the Tanumalala prison.