Shortage of aircraft fuel in the country


There is a shortage of aircraft fuel in the country and it has forced one of the local freight companies to postpone its shipment to New Zealand. 

This is due to the delay of oil supply into the Country scheduled to arrive on 26 September. 

An email sent out by one of the local freights to its customers, says they were “advised by Samoa Airways that due to shortage of aircraft fuel in Samoa, there will be no outbound or inbound of freight to Apia until the 26 September when they will review and advise the company if the freight can be sent again. 

“Due to fuel shortage, the aircraft has to carry more fuel to return to New Zealand and this means that weight is taken up which was reserved for freight.” 

The local freight company says that can continue to pick up and accept mail to await any flight that can take the freight next week.”

A staff of Petroleum Product Supplies, PPS, the sole petroleum fuel distributor in Samoa, spoke to Radio Polynesia on the condition of anonymity the oil tanker will arrive this week, but there are protocols in place for any new oil arriving with the company, therefore the PPS will distribute its fuel supply on 04th October.