SNPF CEO position advertised


The Ministry of Public Enterprises has advertised the Chief Executive officer position for the Samoa National Provident Fund, which is currently being held by Chief Executive Officer Pauli Prince Suhren, 

All applications are invited from interested qualified candidates, according to the MPE and the due date is 10 February 2023 at 4 pm. All late submittals will not be considered. 

This is the normal process when the current CEO’s contract with the respective Ministry is up.

The CEO is the administrative head of the SNPF who oversees the management and execution of the Fund’s functions, roles and responsibilities in order to effectively and efficiently delivers its mandated services to its contributors and the public.

The CEO is also responsible for achieving of the objectives of the Corporate Plan, annual plans and annual budgets of the Fund. 

Among the CEO’s duties is to administer all Board activities and to advise the Board in the execution of its duties and responsibilities outlined in the NPF Act 2010, the Public Bodies Act 2001 and other relevant legislation including its reporting responsibilities to Cabinet and the Parliament of Samoa. 

Also to promote internal systems encompassing policies, processes and people, which serve the needs of NPF members by directing and controlling management activities with good business savvy, objectivity, accountability and integrity and encouraging a healthy Board culture which safeguards policies and processes and provide strategic policy advice to the Minister of Finance and the Board of Directors on all critical policy concerns taking into consideration a broad range of factors and emerging trends with potential implications on and opportunities for, the Fund’s operations. 

Furthermore to promote and sustain an inclusive, proactive and enabling corporate culture to nurture a supportive working environment for the achievement of the objectives of the Fund.